Hurrying Through Hontanas

Hontanas was described in the guide we are using as a town that will suddenly appear when you start to wonder how much further it is across a relatively-empty meseta (lots of fields – no trees to speak of along the route). It did – in a valley that suddenly appeared before us. (The book also recounted as centuries-out tale about wolves, a Hontanas that was pretty much arranged to defend against wolves – and of particularly unfriendly reception and treatment by the villagers. Apparently the villagers got over the “unfriendly” part.)

As we disappeared into the valley, so did our Vodafone service – one of the few places the “¿Me oyes ahora? Bueno!” (“Can you hear me now? Good!”) guy DIDN’T get to in Spain, it seems (at least ONE other company – probably MoviStar – IS there). Continue reading “Hurrying Through Hontanas”

Fighting Our Way to Utegra

Damn near killed Pony on our first day out. 🙁

I insisted – wisely – that we get the phone set-up (and Pony’s iPad – has cellular service in it and she wanted to be able to consult with Google Maps and the Camino blogs if she needed to know something)(I wanted my iPhone set-up with Spanish service in the event that we needed to call someone – I thought it would be me – an ambulance). Continue reading “Fighting Our Way to Utegra”