Accidentally Prepared

So we get a gig in beautiful Hawaii.  Tropical Molokai.  A first-ever trip to a tropical paradise for Pony.

We actually KNOW why there's no sun up in the sky...
We actually KNOW why there’s no sun up in the sky…

So, just because I was along, the islands were going to get the first hurricane to hit the islands directly in 22 years (even though it wimped-out to a “tropical storm,” it had STILL been that long since SOMETHING nasty directly hit the Hawaiian Islands).  After YEARS of working disasters, they are now starting to FOLLOW me, I guess.

My CAVE is a virtual palace of preparedness. The Pony Corral has a preparedness kit. My truck has food for two people for nine days and at least enough water for three days (I often carry extra water when traveling.

In Hawaii, we only had what we had brought with us. And what we could find.

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The Molokai Tech!

The “Molokai Proving Grounds” trip was part “test-for-Camino-de-Santiago-de-Compostela-trip” (hereafter, “Camino” and it is the subject of a separate category if you want to follow-along on that adventure), which will be a “tech-minimalist” trip because what is in your bag will be what you will be lugging around on your back for the however-long-you-will-be-doing-this-walking-adventure (it is strongly suggested one’s backpack weigh no more than 10% of their body weight, generally 16-pounds for the average person that I happily am (Pony is shorter in stature – no less mighty, of course, but 10% of your mass is still less if you are smaller).

But it was also part “not-THAT-far-from-‘civilization’-and-you-have-things-like-setting-up-blog-from-‘huh?’-and-you-won’t-be-schlepping-it-around-for-months” event as well.   Continue reading “The Molokai Tech!”