Fighting Our Way to Utegra

Damn near killed Pony on our first day out. 🙁

I insisted – wisely – that we get the phone set-up (and Pony’s iPad – has cellular service in it and she wanted to be able to consult with Google Maps and the Camino blogs if she needed to know something)(I wanted my iPhone set-up with Spanish service in the event that we needed to call someone – I thought it would be me – an ambulance). Continue reading “Fighting Our Way to Utegra”


We arrived in Pamplona at the city’s central bus terminal, located UNDER their scenic and historic citadel, pretty much the center of town. Which also means you arrive disoriented. It being overcast didn’t help our direction-finding skills.

Pony booked us into the Hostel (it had been my understanding it was “Hotel”) Hemingway. While the American author Ernest Hemingway made the town of Pamplona famous, there isn’t really any other reason the place is so-named. No reason is given for their choice of name on their Website, which DOES mention the place was opened in 2009 and was remodeled in 2013.

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Our Quest Begins

There are several popular places to “start” the Camino (the actual number of starting places is probably “infinity,” as technically your journey “starts” when you head out your front door), but most folks, especially those of us short on time or starting from places you can’t really walk all the way from (like the US), go to one of the “traditional” starting places in France or actually start IN Spain.

(The requirement for the certificate at Santiago is only that you walk 100-km or bicycle 200-km – there may be another requirement still for riding on a horse, but I haven’t seen any horses out here.) Continue reading “Our Quest Begins”