Fighting Our Way to Utegra

Damn near killed Pony on our first day out. ūüôĀ

I insisted – wisely – that we get the phone set-up (and Pony’s iPad – has cellular service in it and she wanted to be able to consult with Google Maps and the Camino blogs if she needed to know something)(I wanted my iPhone set-up with Spanish service in the event that we needed to call someone – I thought it would be me – an ambulance). Continue reading “Fighting Our Way to Utegra”

Here Today… Gone to Maui: LUAU!!!

We did the “Feast at Lele” luau. Again, this wasn’t our first choice, but the slightly-higher-rated one was ALSO booked solid for the two days (if you count the day where we could still rush over with me being seasick – what fun THAT would have been) we were going to be on Maui. ¬†It is slightly more-expensive than the higher-rated one, but it is also a different format than the other (who, interestingly-enough, STARTED at the same location and basically “spun-off” the “Feast at Lele” when they moved to their new location – in fact, they still own 50% of the “Feast at Lele” show), with the current show featuring a “tour” of the tropical islands whose people at least¬†came to Hawaii, and might have eventually became part of what evolved as the “native” population (Hawaii appears to have¬†started without people, having pretty much just sprung-up in the middle of the Pacific one eon from volcanic activity – what culture¬†ACTUALLY was – or contributed largely to – what became the “native” population has not been clearly determined – one account suggests that the island had a humanoid population even before the arrival of the Polynesians, the culture widely-believed to be the contributors to what became the “native” population).

(You Can’t Know TOO Much Trivia: the legend of the “menehune,” probably best-explained as Hawaii’s version of leprechauns, are thought to be, along with legends of “dog people” who had long tails, to be indicators that Hawaii HAD a human or humanoid population predating the arrival of other cultures and were driven into extinction by them. There is no anthropological evidence to support either claim. Yet. ūüôā )¬† Continue reading “Here Today… Gone to Maui: LUAU!!!”

Here Today… Gone to Maui: Things to Like

The Historic Best Western Pioneer Inn, Lahaina
The Historic Best Western Pioneer Inn, Lahaina. No one could be seen in the upstairs area. It could BE haunted…

Okay – I was a teensy-weensy bit cranky about the Pioneer Inn. ¬†I have stayed in WORSE places, of course (that hotel in Phoenix next to the truck stop with the staccato of high heels and the thump of heavy soled boots apparently plying a very old business on the outside stairwell all night long comes to mind right away). If you’re walking Lahaina, like we were, it IS in the MIDDLE of everything. ¬†There’s a restaurant downstairs (Pioneer Inn Grill and Bar) that isn’t bad at all (and it’s even sweeter with the 15%-off coupon you can get at the hotel’s front desk IF you are staying there – good on food only – no discount for getting you drunk).

I was raised on sticky white steamed rice that is nowhere NEAR as good for your body as the nice brown rice Pony prefers – but it’s an option with the egg items on the breakfast menu (as is Portuguese sausage, also a favorite of the locals). Two eggs was enough for me – first day, it was two eggs that might have come from wild Molokai chickens (they’re kinda scrawny, if you didn’t read earlier postings, and I imagine their eggs are as well) – second day, Pony opined that it looked like they had used duck eggs (larger, I am told) – I thought I had mistakenly ordered three eggs. Pony had bacon, declared it to be too large a serving, and I thought it tasted delicious (little goes to waste around me). Continue reading “Here Today… Gone to Maui: Things to Like”

Can You Hear Me NOW? Hello? Hello?

I’ll start by saying I am a long-time Verizon Wireless (VZW) customer. 25-years, actually (back when it was known as PacTel Cellular in the LA-area). And I’ve kept it all these years because it works – in all my travels, there haven’t been too many place where they DIDN’T work and someone else DID. As the ads once said – “It’s the network.”

They also DO work on Molokai. Mostly. Maybe the “can you hear me now?” guy should have spent just a LITTLE more time here, but maybe that’s not their fault either.

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Accidentally Prepared

So we get a gig in beautiful Hawaii.  Tropical Molokai.  A first-ever trip to a tropical paradise for Pony.

We actually KNOW why there's no sun up in the sky...
We actually KNOW why there’s no sun up in the sky…

So, just because I¬†was along, the islands were going to get¬†the first hurricane to hit the islands directly in 22 years (even though it wimped-out to a “tropical storm,” it had STILL been that long since SOMETHING nasty directly hit the Hawaiian Islands). ¬†After YEARS of working disasters, they are now starting to FOLLOW me, I guess.

My CAVE is a virtual palace of preparedness. The Pony Corral has a preparedness kit. My truck has food for two people for nine days and at least enough water for three days (I often carry extra water when traveling.

In Hawaii, we only had what we had brought with us. And what we could find.

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