It’s Aloha Friday! Let the Battle of the Bands Begin!

As mentioned in a previous post, the Hotel Molokai does an event on Friday (the ONLY day they DON’T have a “Happy Hour,” by the way), that features Hawaiian music.

It's ALOHA FRIDAY at the Hotel Molokai
It’s ALOHA FRIDAY at the Hotel Molokai

Turns-out that Paddler’s Inn (a review on that place another time – we’re giving them an opportunity to impress us a little better) does one as well — and they HAVE a “Happy Hour” on Friday (actually it’s a little closer to “most hours” Monday through Friday, 11:30 am — when they open — to 6pm).

Pony chooses Hotel Molokai as the winner for Aloha Friday — as previously mentioned, there are local craft people with displays in the hotel “hallway” (it’s open-air, so one imagines this might be “weather permitting” and I wouldn’t count on this if it’s raining) area outside the bar.   Continue reading “It’s Aloha Friday! Let the Battle of the Bands Begin!”

“Uncle” Trog and “Auntie” Pony!

More on “sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name:” We showed-up for Happy Hour at the Hotel Molokai — this time, our waitress recognized us and addressed us this time by the honorific “Uncle” and “Auntie.” 🙂  Apparently we are also maybe joining the ranks of “regulars,” although in a hotel environment, a “regular” may also be someone who is seen for more than a three-to-seven-day period — we’ve been in Molokai for three weeks now  🙂

"Auntie" Pony and the Hotel Molokai Tropicolada
“Auntie” Pony and the Hotel Molokai Tropicolada

As used in Hawaii, this honorific is the “friendly” form of address, usually given to persons who are older than the speaker, but WAY less-formal than “sir” or “ma’am” one is usually addressed by on the Mainland.  No familial relationship is implied, of course — just a “nice-to-see-you” unstuffy approach to being friendly without being TOO casual (as in “Great seeing you, Trog! How’s it hanging?”).  Respect for elders – a tradition LONG since lost on the Mainland – still holds sway in the family-centered traditions of the islands.

As one NEVER addresses a sergeant in the military — even one that once WAS one — as “sir” (that’s how an officer is addressed, first lesson some unfortunate new recruit would learn — to the benefit of the rest of us), it is all the MORE refreshing to be so-addressed. as something other than “sir.”  And, like most men who leave the military service will do, I’ve let facial hair grow (just because I CAN — and it would be nice to see where THAT goes) Continue reading ““Uncle” Trog and “Auntie” Pony!”

The Hotel Molokai

Happy Trog and Pony in a picture taken by friendly waitress
Happy Trog and Pony in a picture taken by friendly waitress

The Hotel Molokai is a Polynesian-themed located almost two miles east of Kaunakakai. We didn’t stay there, of course, but visited a number of times, mostly because they do things there (and have a bar and some food service – more about those in a moment). Despite the fact we weren’t staying there, we were still well-received and made to feel welcome there.

I’m Getting Ready to Grump, So I Had Better Say Something Nice FIRST: The bar staff is very good.  We were recognized on our second visit; by the third, we were being greeted in other areas of the hotel as if we were local regulars.  As the song says, sometimes you DO want to go where everybody knows your name.  And here, they are ALWAYS glad you came. Continue reading “The Hotel Molokai”