Here Today – Gone to Maui: Getting There is Half the Fun!

Maui is a lot like Molokai. Dining out costs the same – but there are more options on the menu. The streets are bustling. Bars are plentiful and open late. Gas is cheaper. A brazillion places to shop. Hundreds of things to do and dozens of options to do many of them with. Cell service is great. Streets lit at night.

Okay… Maui is NOTHING like Molokai… but that’s not necessarily a GOOD thing either…

On our way back to the Mainland, we spent a couple of days in Maui, seeing as we had to go that way to catch the plane back. Kinda like stuffing TWO islands into the SAME trip – bonus! ­čÖé Continue reading “Here Today – Gone to Maui: Getting There is Half the Fun!”

Lavender Oil – Smells Nice and It WORKS!

I’m not sure WHAT bit me and/or whether or not it had to do with being bit in one of the few… ummmmm… publicly-accessible areas of my body, which would be under my watchband on the left wrist (I’ve have worn a watch virtually EVERY DAY┬ásince I was five — and since I got my first “skin-diver’s” watch and most watches after THAT one were “water-resistant to 10-meters,” this INCLUDED in the water), but IT HURT!!! Continue reading “Lavender Oil – Smells Nice and It WORKS!”