This is not my beautiful home!

Traveling the world while subsisting on a small pension requires leverage. If I had to pay full price for airfare and hotel lodging, I would be spending a lot of time sitting at home. One way to significantly cut costs is by house sitting. There are several websites devoted to bringing homeowners and house sitters together. The potential house sitter pays a membership fee which covers a background check and allows access to homeowners in need of home and pet sitters. In most cases there is no money exchange. The sitter gets a free place to stay and the homeowner gets someone to keep an eye on things while they are away. However, It is not uncommon for the homeowner to ask that the sitter pay for utilities during their stay. Sometimes, especially if there is a lot of pet and garden care involved, the house sitter receives a stipend.

Currently, I am enjoying a stay at a beachfront property on Molokai. The work involved is minimal and the view is fantastic!


Welcome to the Blog!

Okay – the foundation has been poured, so I suppose we can get on with the posting stuff 🙂 (About that foundation: the cement’s not dry, so don’t be surprised to find sinkholes and us getting stuck. Sorry about that – it was a more complicated process than was originally imagined. I had to re-learn stuff about the Internet and Webhosting that I haven’t needed to know about for nearly a decade – and WordPress is ALL new to me 🙂 )

Thanks for tuning in 🙂