Drinking in Spain

Why do pilgrims drink so much wine? When in Spain…

We walk, generally, about 14 Km’s per day. This takes about 3 1/2 – 5 hours, depending on the terrain. We usually have breakfast before we set out. Breakfast includes one cup of coffee, and sometimes a glass of fresh-squeezed Orange juice.  After a couple of hours of walking we are ready for second breakfast, so we look for a bar that is open and serving coffee. A cup of coffee with steamed milk costs around 1 euro. Sometimes it comes with a little tidbit like a cookie or a mini donut, sometimes not.  By the time we arrive at our destination, we are ready to eat again. Lunch  is usually a picnic of cheese and crackers, nuts, juice boxes, olives and cookies or chocolate. We drink water throughout the day.

When we go to dinner, the included beverage is a choice of water or wine. Soft drinks, milk, or juices cost extra. The wines in most of Spain are excellent. The restaurants always serve the local varietal, and they are quite proud of it.  So, how could we not have wine every night?