RSS Feed

Trog thinks it still is voodoo, but supports an RSS feed.

RSS, generally accepted to mean “Really Simple Syndication,” is a standardized format for publishing frequently updated information and making it available to users.  To read an RSS feed, you will need an “RSS reader” (there are a number of free and paid programs available for all platforms — iStuff, Android, Windows Mobile, and for those of you who still have one, there’s even a version for Blackberry)(an RSS reader is built-in to Internet Explorer, but not Google Chrome – most RSS readers also have a version for desktop PCs).

WordPress, the folks who thoughtfully provided the blogging software we use for free (and you can build your own blog too!), seem fond of Feedly, whose basic version is free and is available for platforms I didn’t know anyone was still writing apps for, like webOS and Symbian – as well as Blackberry.  They also support Windows PC and Mac (I didn’t see anything for Linux, but I’m sure SOMEONE has written one already).  Trog downloaded the version for iThings, still thinks it’s voodoo, but works with our site – although it seems to want to log-on with your Google, Facebook, or Twitter account for reasons that aren’t clearly explained (as are what you are supposed to do if you don’t have these things — or are disinclined to share/link your other sign-ons).

What this does for YOU, dear reader, is allow you to receive updated content from us, without having to check-in all the time and getting your feelings hurt when you see there is nothing new from us, mostly because Trog and Pony have wandered WAY off the grid for a while.  When something IS posted here, your RSS reader will update you on what happened since you last looked at the reader 🙂  And, of course, RSS is nothing new (just new to Trog), so you can use it to read other Websites with RSS service (like news, weather, sports and other blogs) as well — sort of like a newspaper clipping service for computers 🙂

So if you like us, but don’t want to have to keeping checking the Website all the time for updates that might be a week or so apart, consider RSS — and/or adding us to your existing RSS reader!

(Update: the RSS feed reader built in to Internet Explorer does not require a separate log-in or affiliation like Feedly does.)