More “Rolling” Hills

We actually had a couple of days of easy level walking, largely because we were walking alongside the highway. There may have been hills to the left, and hills to the right, but we were on a nice level path. Now, however, we are back into the mountains, the Catabrian or Irago mountains.  We are staying the night in Foncebadon. If you have read “The Camino” by Shirly MacLaine, you may remember that when she went through here this was, for all practical purposes, a ghost town populated mainly by feral dogs.  Paulo Coelho also used this town as a setting for an encounter with a large dog in his book, “The Pilgrimage”.

Tomorrow morning we will reach the high point where the Cruz Ferro aka Cruz Hierro is located. The custom is that pilgrims bring with them a stone from home that symbolizes something that they want to honor or that they want to release or let go of. They add that stone to the huge pile of stones at the base of the cross.

Last night, we stayed in El Ganso, the goose! The sole albergue there houses 30 pilgrims, which is equal to the population of the town.