Gentle Rolling Hills, My Ass!

I believe I mentioned in an earlier post that we were walking through “gently rolling hills.” I was actually quoting our guidebook. The book was written by a backpacker for experienced backpackers. Since the book divides the Camino up into segments that are about 26 to 30 km each, and expects readers to walk that distance every day, it obviously is written for walkers who are much younger, heartier, and more energetic than myself. What the author described as “gently rolling hills” were, to me, very steep, rough terrain. The books describe The Meseta as a very flat broad plain. We are now on The Meseta and there is nothing flat about it! I suppose it is all relative. In comparison to the Rioja Region, this is relatively flat, but to me The Meseta is what I would call”gently rolling hills”. Even here, there are some very steep hills, including one known as Matamulos, the mule-killer!
It is still very beautiful, but in a very different way. Even though we are encountering some rain and cloudy weather here, it is a drier terrain. Where the countryside from Pamplona to Burgos was verdant green, the hills here in Castillo-Leon are a gorgeous golden brown.

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