Another Day on the Camino

Today we walked just 10 km to Logroño, a larger city with lots of shops, restaurants and tourists. We checked in to our albergue, a collection of rooms up several flights of dimly lit stairs. The building is very old, a little run down, but in a very desirable location. It seems to me that it was once a very grand building, lovely wood and ironwork banisters, and ornate Spanish tiles. For 30 euros we got a private room with its own bathroom and plenty of hot water for the shower. It is a tiny room with bunk beds, but it feels quite luxurious.

Last night for 26 euros we had a bunk bed in a room shared with an older French couple, a bathroom shared with about a dozen people, and a communal breakfast of toasted white bread with butter and jam, coffee with milk, and juice. Tonight’s lodging does not include breakfast, but there are plenty of eateries close by. After getting checked in and depositing our backpacks in the room, we went out for second breakfast and had chocolate and churros. The churros were made to order, and the chocolate came in demitasse cups and was thick and rich, and flavored with cinnamon. Delightful!