Dear Commenters Who Are Not Really Commenting…

If you are making a comment about something on this blog: Thank you for reading, if you are, in fact, doing that. Thank you for your kind comments and congratulations to some of you for your efforts at writing to Trog and Pony in English even, which we understand and appreciate. 🙂

Unfortunately, Trog and Pony are not presently a commercial venture (meaning we’re not taking ads) and recommends only those products and companies that they actually use or have experience with. Fortunately, HPV and warts are NOT one of those things – they cannot recommend your products nor link to your site or companies (or any OTHER product like the “fat-burner” product link that came with a complement).  As I strongly suspect you are, in fact, pretexting in your writing, your comments, flattering though there are, will not be allowed either.

We’re sorry to be so mean about this – especially Trog, who is exceptionally vain.

To the commenter (also apparently suffering from HPV – sorry to hear that) that gave us a link to a Website in Iran – you should know that Trog is a veteran of the US military and has this odd, reflexive urge to report contacts from foreign entities, especially the ones that DON’T like the US (like Iran), to the appropriate intelligence authorities as attempted spying, let alone LINK to a Website IN Iran.

And frankly, I take offense as well.  We may not be the brightest LED in the array, but we’re not stupid either. Please don’t insult our intelligence. It’s not nice 🙁

TaPadmin, Evil Ruler of Admin

2 Replies to “Dear Commenters Who Are Not Really Commenting…”

  1. I’m pretty sure that 90% of the comments offered to my blog aren’t even attached to humans. It feels very automated to me. Most of them read like a poetically botched use of Google Translate, like seriously, they would make more sense if imagined coming from gaunt strangers dressed in black, snapping their fingers rhythmically as they gave each word a melodramatic delivery. I’ve only had one that bothered me enough to try to report it to authorities, the rest I just mark as spam and move on.

    1. Wellll… there WAS the one supposedly from an Iranian address that almost got mailed to the NSA (then I realized even the IRANIANS aren’t THAT stupid – and if they were, the NSA already HAS a copy of it)(the analysts are probably trying to figure-out what Islamic group a “Trog and Pony” would belong to). The nice one supposedly from Poland (I “get” the spoofed-IP thing) DID look VERY much like it had been shoved through Google Translate, but I think it was probably some language OTHER than Polish, because even POLISH translates into English better than that (Asian languages, on the other hand…). Most are merely annoying and tie-up time I will never get back looking at them and killing them off…

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