Day 8. Going West

May 25, 2015
Travel from Belfast to Westport.

Dublin has two train stations. Dublin Heuston serves the rails that go north and south along the east coast of Ireland. To head west from Dublin you have to go to Connolly Station. So, first we had to go from Belfast to Dublin, then take a light rail tram to Connolly Station, and then take the train to Westport. Irish people are friendly and will gladly make small talk while carefully avoiding any potentially controversial subjects. Several people had inquired about where we were heading next and they all talked about how lovely Westport is. Westport did not disappoint it is a beautiful town. What people had not talked about is how cold and windy it is there. I guess that is why they call the west coast of Ireland The Wild Atlantic Way.
Westport is nicely laid out with a river running through the center of town. It has a thriving business district with lots of hotels, restaurants and pubs. We stayed at a lovely bed and breakfast called Willow Lodge. Our hostess, Angela, couldn’t have been nicer. She gave lots of advice about where to eat, and where to go for music, and she cooked breakfast to order every morning. I will tell you more about breakfast in another post. The town of Westport was built in the 1700’s, so most of the houses are built in the Georgian style: built out of limestone, two to four stories high with a central doorway and large regularly spaced windows on the ground floor, with slightly smaller windows on floor one , and still smaller windows on each floor as you go up.

FYI: In Europe, the ground floor is not the first floor!. The floor above it is referred to as the first floor, so if you are given a room on the third floor, you will have to walk up three flights of stairs to get to it. Historic buildings rarely have elevators or, as they say in the British Isles, lifts.