It’s Aloha Friday! Let the Battle of the Bands Begin!

As mentioned in a previous post, the Hotel Molokai does an event on Friday (the ONLY day they DON’T have a “Happy Hour,” by the way), that features Hawaiian music.

It's ALOHA FRIDAY at the Hotel Molokai
It’s ALOHA FRIDAY at the Hotel Molokai

Turns-out that Paddler’s Inn (a review on that place another time – we’re giving them an opportunity to impress us a little better) does one as well — and they HAVE a “Happy Hour” on Friday (actually it’s a little closer to “most hours” Monday through Friday, 11:30 am — when they open — to 6pm).

Pony chooses Hotel Molokai as the winner for Aloha Friday — as previously mentioned, there are local craft people with displays in the hotel “hallway” (it’s open-air, so one imagines this might be “weather permitting” and I wouldn’t count on this if it’s raining) area outside the bar.  It is a “hosted” event in that it has a local professional singer, Lono, “leading” the event, backed by a couple of regular locals who we think are professionals as well.  They are usually accompanied by a ukulele “brigade” that Pony thinks might be professionals (Trog is inclined to think they are nice local people who like to play the ukulele and sing along).  Hula dancing is performed – that appears to also be local folks who like to dance this very artistic dance form.

Lono, his band, and the "Ukulele Brigade"
Lono, his band, and the “Ukulele Brigade”

Audience participation is encouraged — seeing as Lono actively worked to include us this week (as well as other members in the audience — we’re “undercover” here, so this wasn’t an attempt on Lono’s part to get us to say nice things about him), we’ll go ahead a give a link to his Website here

Paddler’s Inn’s Aloha Friday event appears to be substantially less-structured – just a group of friends and instruments (I noticed a couple of folks reading sheet music off an iPad – wish I had THAT when I played clarinet when I was a younger troglodyte), strumming and singing along.  Audience participation is probably encouraged, if you bring your own ukulele 🙂

As I mentioned, “Happy Hour” at Paddler’s Inn IS pretty much open (1130a) to 6pm, Monday through Friday, so THEY at least HAVE a “Happy Hour.”  Not that I would EVER tell ANYONE how to run THEIR business, but the Hotel Molokai might have gotten more of the Trog vote if they at least HAD “Happy Hour” on FRIDAY as well.

However, perhaps there is validation in this practice: Pony was willing to overlook the lack of “Happy Hour” pricing and considers paying more to “cover” the entertainment.  Lono has a tip jar out — hopefully the Hotel Molokai puts something in his kitty at the end of the show!

Paddler’s Inn boasts a Hawaiian Music presentation on Sundays that we HAVEN’T seen yet. Hopefully, we will have time while we are here to stop in and consider it for a future story. Both Hotel Molokai and Paddler’s Inn have Websites and are on Facebook, if you wish to know more about their offerings.

As mentioned in an earlier posting, Hotel Molokai does NOT have a restaurant, but has a small kitchenette that has a VERY small menu offering – but NO “small plates” or appetizers (still not wanting to tell anyone how to run their business, but…) – on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Paddler’s Inn IS a restaurant, so they have more food offerings.  “Appetizers” would be in the “pupus” section on their lunch menu – unfortunately that’s NOT on their dinner menu and we have NO idea when they change-over in the kitchen.