Note to Pitchmen – NO!

We have received validation for our policy to screen ALL postings to this site. Unfortunately.

Some cretin thought it was necessary to “comment” on a posting by Trog (bad choice of people to do that to, by the way – he hates SPAM, trolls, junk mail and wages an on-going battle daily with it, so REALLY, you’re annoying the WRONG GUY) about how said cretin could improve the ranking of this blog with Google, blah-blah-blah.

Dear Cretin: This is being done for fun. Not for Google and not for profit, so we don’t CARE if Google finds us or not (and we suspect they will ANYWAY because they ARE Google, so thanks for nothing).

Dear Scum-Who-Troll-Comment-Pages-And-Post-Irrelevant-Crap: Wanna talk to us? We have e-mail. Pitch to us there (not that we will give you any MORE attention, but we expect it THERE and NOT contaminating content). Do some due-diligence and see “Contact Us” on the main page.  And know we STILL don’t care WHAT our Google standing is – let along how you can “help.”

Dear Everyone Else: Sorry to be so mean about hanging on to comments YOU might make that would be welcome. But now you know why 🙁