Day 5. A Most Unusual Man

Irish rail Dublin to Belfast

We had the pleasure of sharing a cubicle with a nattily dressed older man. His well fitted black suit and narrow tie gave him the look of an old-fashioned train conductor, so I was not surprised to learn that he works for the railroad. What was surprising is that he runs the Irish Railroad! He often rides the rails to observe how things are operating, and actually knows many of the employees by name. And if that was not impressive enough, he is also a lawyer, and runs a few small businesses. All that, at the age of 79. He also has traveled the world as a consultant and has worked for most of the communist governments in the world. He states that he got on well with both Fidel and Raul Castro, and Moammar Gaddafi. He says that their governments, and their railroads are well run and efficient.
What he has not been able to rectify is the relationship between the railroad systems of Northern Ireland and The Republic of Ireland! Although the run from Dublin to Belfast is jointly run, the two systems give out different information about it with slightly different timetables!
Anyway, our round trip went smoothly, although the train from Dublin was a little late leaving the station. The trains are clean and comfortable and the scenery is fantastic. It is a great way to travel.