Scenes From A Moroccan Train Ride

Broad flat vistas
Eucalyptus groves planted in straight rows
Egrets In freshly plowed fields
Colorful plastic bags littering the landscape
Men and women in colorful robes and head covers
Oxen pulling plows
Donkeys carrying loads
Camels grazing in a field
Horse drawn wagons
Shepherds tending flocks
Children walking home from school
Cement buildings painted white or various shades of pink
Orange trees full of ripening fruit
Men at work laying railroad track
Stacks of hay covered with plastic tarps
Cattle, sheep, horses and donkeys grazing side by side
A lone stork standing by an irrigation ditch
A pair of storks nesting atop an electrical tower
Men, women and children wearing jeans, shirts, and jackets
Birds in flight
A woman riding a donkey raising her arms jubilantly
A field of artichokes
Blue sacks filled with seed for planting
Rows of cacti forming living fences
A child whose face lights up with joy and wonder when he sees our train pull up next to the one he is riding on.

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