Breakfast in España

In Spain you get breakfast or coffee at a bar. Spaniards don’t line up, they push up to the bar to place their orders. And you do not pay when your order is placed. They will only take payment after the food has been consumed. And they don’t seem to keep any written records. So on a busy morning, a bar keeper may be keeping track in his/her head of a dozen orders, remembering who ordered what and what their tabs are. They do a phenomenal job, and they do not receive tips. Most often, the bars are small mom and pop businesses run entirely by family members.

A basic breakfast of toast or pastry with coffee usually costs 3 euros. If you add orange juice it costs an additional 1.5 euros. Eggs are rarely available at breakfast time, and when they are it is usually in the form of a “tortilla”. In Spain the word “tortilla” refers to something totally different than the Mexican tortilla. The Spanish tortilla is a sort of frittata filled with sliced potatoes and sometimes a little ham or chorizo. The orange juice is called “zumo” after the machine that squeezes it. They just load the whole oranges into the top, the machine cuts and squeezes them on demand.

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  1. I cannot believe that you have walked so far. What an accomplishment. What’s next on the bucket list?

    1. The secret to walking so far is to just keep putting one foot in front of the other! Someone offered us that gem of wisdom on our first day in Spain, and there were times when it helped me to keep going. Keep reading the blog and you’ll find out what is next!

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