WiFi in Spain – Camino Edition

International Symbol of Service!
International Symbol of Service!

We generally found WiFi to be available at many – close to most, but not quite all – peregrino (pilgrim) places along the Camino (see separate notes for the rest of Spain). Many people we met along The Way relied SOLELY on WiFi for “keeping in touch,” mostly via e-mail (text messaging generally requires mobile phone service – see separate article on how we handled that kind of service).

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Can You Hear Me NOW? Hello? Hello?

I’ll start by saying I am a long-time Verizon Wireless (VZW) customer. 25-years, actually (back when it was known as PacTel Cellular in the LA-area). And I’ve kept it all these years because it works – in all my travels, there haven’t been too many place where they DIDN’T work and someone else DID. As the ads once said – “It’s the network.”

They also DO work on Molokai. Mostly. Maybe the “can you hear me now?” guy should have spent just a LITTLE more time here, but maybe that’s not their fault either.

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The Molokai Tech!

The “Molokai Proving Grounds” trip was part “test-for-Camino-de-Santiago-de-Compostela-trip” (hereafter, “Camino” and it is the subject of a separate category if you want to follow-along on that adventure), which will be a “tech-minimalist” trip because what is in your bag will be what you will be lugging around on your back for the however-long-you-will-be-doing-this-walking-adventure (it is strongly suggested one’s backpack weigh no more than 10% of their body weight, generally 16-pounds for the average person that I happily am (Pony is shorter in stature – no less mighty, of course, but 10% of your mass is still less if you are smaller).

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RSS Feed

Trog thinks it still is voodoo, but TrogAndPony.com supports an RSS feed.

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