Camino Cat – Where Are You?

Could have used Camino Cat at Fromista – our stay at the kinda scary (to the extent that construction methods I haven’t seen in a building since covering races in Baja Mexico would be “scary”) Albergue Infanta de Castilla (aka Albergue Canal de Castilla)(I’ll call them out – it was THAT bad – nice staff, room sanitized with half-lethal dose of disinfectant, and even good WiFi – but the cheap seats are RIGHT next to the train tracks) came with an added extra not on their Website… a MOUSE! Continue reading “Camino Cat – Where Are You?”

Sorry About That, Chief…

We have been inundated by spammers (still) trying to post links to dubious products (or the links themselves are dubious – as in “click here to get spyware”).

I’m pretty sure no one who reads anything here is interested in Ugg boots (or knock-offs), or YSL or what’s-his-elbow-with-the-purses-that-I’m-ready-to-launch-a-nuclear-attack-on. Or their knock-offs.

I’m spotting a trend in the spammer’s work and it’s taking them some time to find an article to sneak a comment through on (I have 40 attempts – they usually double-tap – on one article by Trog).

So comments to articles will now be limited to a 14-day period from the date of the article – and then the item will be closed to comments. Sorry to be so mean – and you can always write to us in person 🙂

Dear Commenters Who Are Not Really Commenting…

If you are making a comment about something on this blog: Thank you for reading, if you are, in fact, doing that. Thank you for your kind comments and congratulations to some of you for your efforts at writing to Trog and Pony in English even, which we understand and appreciate. 🙂

Unfortunately, Trog and Pony are not presently a commercial venture (meaning we’re not taking ads) and recommends only those products and companies that they actually use or have experience with. Fortunately, HPV and warts are NOT one of those things – they cannot recommend your products nor link to your site or companies (or any OTHER product like the “fat-burner” product link that came with a complement).  As I strongly suspect you are, in fact, pretexting in your writing, your comments, flattering though there are, will not be allowed either.

We’re sorry to be so mean about this – especially Trog, who is exceptionally vain.

To the commenter (also apparently suffering from HPV – sorry to hear that) that gave us a link to a Website in Iran – you should know that Trog is a veteran of the US military and has this odd, reflexive urge to report contacts from foreign entities, especially the ones that DON’T like the US (like Iran), to the appropriate intelligence authorities as attempted spying, let alone LINK to a Website IN Iran.

And frankly, I take offense as well.  We may not be the brightest LED in the array, but we’re not stupid either. Please don’t insult our intelligence. It’s not nice 🙁

TaPadmin, Evil Ruler of Admin

Looks Like We Made It!

Google now shows the Trog and Pony Website when you ask for it by that name! Yaaay US!  Made it even WITHOUT a “search engine optimization” service…

Dear Cretin Who Tried AGAIN to Sell Us Something: Clearly you’re not reading notes – or articles themselves (why would we WANT to bring more attention to a POST by Trog, anyway – one imagines we would want the WHOLE SITE to be more attractive, if we cared THAT much).  You are a special kind of stupid, aren’t you? 🙂

Have a Nice Day, Cretin – Most Sincerely, TaPadmin 🙂

Note to Pitchmen – NO!

We have received validation for our policy to screen ALL postings to this site. Unfortunately.

Some cretin thought it was necessary to “comment” on a posting by Trog (bad choice of people to do that to, by the way – he hates SPAM, trolls, junk mail and wages an on-going battle daily with it, so REALLY, you’re annoying the WRONG GUY) about how said cretin could improve the ranking of this blog with Google, blah-blah-blah.

Dear Cretin: This is being done for fun. Not for Google and not for profit, so we don’t CARE if Google finds us or not (and we suspect they will ANYWAY because they ARE Google, so thanks for nothing).

Dear Scum-Who-Troll-Comment-Pages-And-Post-Irrelevant-Crap: Wanna talk to us? We have e-mail. Pitch to us there (not that we will give you any MORE attention, but we expect it THERE and NOT contaminating content). Do some due-diligence and see “Contact Us” on the main page.  And know we STILL don’t care WHAT our Google standing is – let along how you can “help.”

Dear Everyone Else: Sorry to be so mean about hanging on to comments YOU might make that would be welcome. But now you know why 🙁

RSS Feed

Trog thinks it still is voodoo, but supports an RSS feed.

RSS, generally accepted to mean “Really Simple Syndication,” is a standardized format for publishing frequently updated information and making it available to users.  To read an RSS feed, you will need an “RSS reader” (there are a number of free and paid programs available for all platforms — iStuff, Android, Windows Mobile, and for those of you who still have one, there’s even a version for Blackberry)(an RSS reader is built-in to Internet Explorer, but not Google Chrome – most RSS readers also have a version for desktop PCs). Continue reading “RSS Feed”

Welcome to the Blog!

Okay – the foundation has been poured, so I suppose we can get on with the posting stuff 🙂 (About that foundation: the cement’s not dry, so don’t be surprised to find sinkholes and us getting stuck. Sorry about that – it was a more complicated process than was originally imagined. I had to re-learn stuff about the Internet and Webhosting that I haven’t needed to know about for nearly a decade – and WordPress is ALL new to me 🙂 )

Thanks for tuning in 🙂